Maternity Photos with some Spice!

There is no one size fits all “look” to maternity photos. You may picture maternity photos as holding your belly in a field with a crown of daisies on your head. While that suits some people perfectly, it may not fit you — and that’s okay. But I think we’re beyond using the same few blueprints for each maternity session. Gone are the days of maternity photoshoots in a whitewashed studio smiling at the camera. We’re in the 21st century now. So, let’s talk about creating maternity photos with some spice!

Many of my maternity and other clients ask for a unique shoot that shows their vibe as a couple and represents what this season of life means for them. So, that means that in addition to the extraordinary couple, I need a location or ideas that stand against the ordinary.

The Request

Before you do anything for your maternity shoot, take some time to reflect on what you want these photos to represent. Are you hoping to capture joy? Expectation? Gratefulness? Also, how do you want these photos to be viewed not only now but in the coming years?

Deciding on the “theme” of your shoot will help everything go smoother down the road. This way, I can get to work finding the perfect location that fits the feeling you’re looking for. 

So, when I spoke with Brooke about her and her husband John’s maternity photos, she didn’t want “normal.” Bright colors and flower fields weren’t her things. Instead, she wanted more pensive and moody photos to convey the gravity of bringing a new little life into the world. 

Our Unique Maternity Photoshoot Studio

Right away I got to work searching for the perfect location for Brooke and John’s moody maternity shoot. Where you shoot the photos can sometimes be just as important as the subjects themselves. I wanted to ensure the couple was in a space reflecting their vibe and feel. Eventually, I finally found the perfect space to use. I knew it was exactly what Brooke wanted. 

Something to keep in mind when it comes to unique photoshoots is that the space doesn’t always come free. Often, I book out people’s homes or studios that seamlessly fit the feel my clients going for. This means that there can be a fee attached to the stunning location. If you’re looking to shoot your maternity photos in a one-of-a-kind space, consider adding a location fee to your budget beforehand.

Why Maternity Photoshoot Clothing Matters

Matching your maternity photoshoot outfits with the space and your style as a couple is a guaranteed way to make your photos rock. Brooke and John chose to wear darker tones that matched the feel of the rooms flawlessly. 

For some of the photos, Brooke chose to wear a tulle maternity dress that was absolutely breathtaking. This added to the pensive and expectant atmosphere of the entire shoot. 

Along with their dressed-up outfits, they chose to change and wear more casual clothes. I thought that this was a great idea and gave us an opportunity to capture some more intimate lifestyle moments.

Thinking of doing something out of the box with your session?

I love capturing big moments in my clients’ lives in authentic ways. My goal is for you to look at the photos I take and say “That’s so us!” If you’re looking to take some interesting, unconventional photos, let’s chat!

June 27, 2022

Jessica Bishop

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