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Nothing brings a wedding day to life like stunning local flowers put together by a local florist. They bring our senses to life with their fresh scent and eye-catching colors. So, when I picture a wedding I imagine the bride walking down the aisle with a bunch of flowers in her hand created by Indianapolis wedding florist Hae Lee of Vincent Blooming. 

She is a stellar wedding florist in Indianapolis that I get to work with — lucky me, right? So, I wanted to ask her some questions about what she does and how she does it. In this interview, she talks all about the art of being a florist and the great news is that you’ll also find some great tips for flawless wedding florals. 

Read through and scroll to the bottom to see some of her marvelous designs for my friends Audrey and Ty. And of course, don’t be afraid to reach out to her if you’re looking for a florist in Indianapolis.

What was your favorite wedding floral arrangement that you’ve done and why? 

My floral arrangements are like my babies so it’s not easy to pick a favorite, but I really enjoyed making bouquets for the editorial photoshoots in spring this year. I used gorgeous local and seasonal spring flowers and the colors, scent, and textures were just perfect. I always prefer to use seasonal and local flowers when I can get them.

What is the difference between a good floral arrangement and a great one?

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Just like any artist, I think I can create best when my creativity is not limited. I love asking my clients to show the inspiration photos because they are helpful but I can create something beyond a Pinterest pin when my clients believe my instinct and let me freely use my creativity.

How far in advance do you think a client should reach out for flowers for their wedding or elopement?  

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I think 2-3 months should be enough for me as long as clients know what they want for their wedding. If they are unsure about their vision, I appreciate having some extra time for me to research. 

What do clients do that helps you do your job?

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Lots of brides think that they have to know exactly the names and types of flowers that they want. They don’t have to feel that way. All I need is just a vague and abstract idea of what they like and dislike in general. I invest lots of my time in client consultation and my questions for my brides are not just limited to wedding flowers. Storytelling on how the couple met, about their lifestyles, where they would like to travel and things like that help me to understand the couple, their taste, and vibes.

What can clients do that makes your job harder?

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I am flexible with last-minute changes but if it happens too often, it definitely gives me an anxiety attack. Like my clients, I want their wedding to be perfect, so I prefer to have all the details beforehand.

What is a floral trend you think should be tossed?

Giant bouquets that overpower the brides. Sometimes, the simpler, the better.

What is/was a floral trend you love?

I love mixing fresh flowers and dried or preserved flowers. It gives extra texture and a unique vibe to the floral arrangements.

Any advice for wedding floral arrangements?

You don’t have to have too many flowers to make your wedding beautiful. Just be yourself and find something natural that can express you and your love story.

Any secret tricks to creating the perfect wedding arrangement?

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Let flowers breathe. If you look at flowers in nature, they’re never too close to each other. They give each other space so they can dance in the wind and be free. For a more natural and whimsical look, focus on the flow, texture, and movement of the flowers instead of the number of stems.

Why should clients buy flowers for their wedding?

I believe that fresh flowers give life and vibrant energy to any event to celebrate. Nobody uses silk flowers for funerals, and I thought about why; Humans are part of nature and fresh flowers add extra energy and brightness to any event. You should feel happy, alive, and vibrant on your wedding day and fresh flowers will definitely bring that energy.

Thoughts on the bouquet toss? Timeless or outdated? 

I think it’s a fun tradition. People act goofy to get a bouquet and it’s very entertaining. I remember that I had fun tossing the bouquet at my wedding. 

If you could create your dream floral vision for someone, what would that look like?

I love using a few types of flowers and keeping it simple. Fresh flowers are already so beautiful, so mixing too many various types of flowers can hinder them from showing their own beauty. I love Mimosa which is a yellow winter/late spring flower, and not many couples choose yellow for their wedding colors but yellow flowers are very photogenic and bring vibrant energy. 

If you had to describe yourself with one flower, which would it be and why?

I would say Dahlias. Dahlias come in so many different types of colors, sizes, and shapes and they are summer flowers with tons of energy. I don’t limit my style and love to learn, grow and challenge myself. If you closely look at Dahlias, they look like the sun and my name Hae Lee means shining like the sun in Korean, so maybe that’s why I love Dahlias. 

Want to see more of  Hae Lee’s fabulous floral creations? Follow her Instagram!

Do you have a wedding coming up?

I’ve been photographing weddings in and out of the Indianapolis area for just over 10 years. It’s my goal to give each couple stunning, cinematic photographs of their special day. If you think you want to be one of those couples, hit me up!

September 21, 2022

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  1. Cejay says:

    This is so insightful. Getting tips from a pro in the industry is gold. planning a wedding has so many moving parts and having a wedding squad you can count on to have your back and give you the best advice on how to create that dream wedding is where it’s at.