How to Elope in Paris + Locations

Learn how to Elope in Paris and have your dream Parisian elopement day

How To Elope In Paris + Locations

If you have just got engaged, you are probably considering your options regarding your wedding. Many couples dream of the day when they get to plan a big celebration with all the customs included. However, some are not big fans of traditional unions, so they look for alternatives that suit their personalities. And most often, the best alternative is an elopement in a beautiful destination. 

One of the most preferred spots for such an occasion is Paris – the most romantic city in the world! However, you must first learn how to elope in Paris to make it possible. So, I have created an elopement guide that will help you plan everything smoothly!

Can You Legally Elope in Paris? 

When your idea is to elope in Paris, the first question that comes to mind is whether you can do that legally. The short answer is yes, but there is a catch. If you want to have an official legal ceremony, the Parisian authorities require that you reside in the city for at least 40 days prior to your marriage. Moreover, if you want a religious ceremony, the French authorities must deliver your birth certificates to the church. Seems kind of tricky, right? 

Due to these laws and regulations, many couples decide to have a symbolic ceremony and have a legal one in their own country. To make this possible, you will need a Paris officiant or celebrant. This person will conduct your ceremony without delivering any legal documents or certificates. Instead, you will get a symbolic certificate that will serve as a memory of your Paris elopement. 

  • How to choose the celebrant? 

One way you can find the right celebrant is by opting for a wedding planner. However, if you want to stay on a budget, I can provide you with a list of celebrants you can get in touch with. I always tend to help my clients, so they can find what really works for them. 

You should know that most celebrants will ask you to write your own vows before the ceremony. Exchanging vows is the most emotional and unique moment to make your ceremony truly special. 

Finding The Perfect Spot 

Once you figure out how to elope in Paris law-wise, you need to pick a location. The decision might not come lightly because there are plenty of marvelous spots to exchange your vows. Nonetheless, if this becomes too overwhelming, you can always rely on me for some recommendations. My goal is not only to provide my clients with exceptional photographs but to ensure that they will truly enjoy their Paris elopement. In addition, I can also suggest some good vendors, so your trip can go on with as little stress as possible. 

I have created a list of some fascinating locations where you can have your dreamy wedding. However, I am open to discussing your ideas if you have anything specific in mind. That way, we can find something unique that suits your needs. 

  • Trocadéro

If you want the classic elopement in Paris with the Eiffel Tower as your backdrop, then Trocadéro offers the best view. Here you can create some of the most romantic memories of your wedding. 

  • Fontaine de Medicis

Couples who love lush greenery and scenic views will love this place. Fontaine de Medicis has the most beautiful gardens, perfect for exchanging vows. If you want to elope in Paris in a unique way, this is where the magic happens! 

  • Square Jean XXIII

The French capital has stunning architecture, so it would be a pity not to use it as the background for your special moments. Square Jean XXIII is one of the most popular places in Paris, and it is known for its splendid vistas. Exchanging your vows in these surroundings can be quite authentic and thrilling! 

  • Parisian Hotel 

When you try to find out how to elope in Paris the intimate way, your answer is a Parisian hotel. Picking out a quaint hotel in the city will give you the intimacy you desire while providing you with the perfect spot for romantic bridal photographs. 

Activities for Your Parisian Elopement Adventure 

During your trip, you should consider doing some amusing activities to make the most of your Paris elopement. While your photographs during vow exchange will be a great memory of your special moments, you can also get a little bit adventurous. Namely, you can do several amazing activities and end up with astonishing photos. 

  • Romantic Cruise on The River Seine 

There is nothing more romantic than a boat ride on the River Seine while admiring the wondrous Parisian landmarks. When trying to figure out how to elope in Paris and make it magical, a cruise will do the trick. You will be amazed when you see the result in your wedding pictures! 

  • A Picnic at Montmartre 

You cannot elope in Paris without exploring the charming neighborhood of Montmartre. It is a place with picturesque landscapes and stunning views. Therefore, a picnic there would be divine! 

  • Love Lock Bridge 

If you have decided on an elopement in Paris, then visiting the Love Lock Bridge is a must. Posing on the bridge will make a great chapter of your love story. So, consider putting it in your itinerary when planning – you will not regret it. 

Average Cost of Your Paris Elopement 

Before you decide on your elopement, you have to establish a budget. However, the cost of the whole trip depends on many factors, such as the time of your travel, the accommodation you choose, the activities you pick for your elopement, and so on. Nonetheless, I have prepared a rough estimate that will give you an idea of how much your trip will cost: 

  • Flight: $1,000 to $3,000 (two-way tickets for two)
  • Accommodation: $500 – 1,700 (for 5 nights)
  • Food: $500 – $1,300 (for 5 days)
  • Activities: $100 – $200 
  • Photography coverage including travel cost: $2000-$7000

Again, this is just a rough estimate. Your costs can be lower or higher depending on your needs and preferences. 

Choosing the French capital for starting a new chapter of your life can be a magical experience. Hopefully, now you have an idea of how to elope in Paris and what to look for during your planning process. If this is what you have always dreamed of, do not miss the opportunity to make your dream a reality!

For more information and tips about elopements and wedding photography, check out my blog page.     

July 6, 2023

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