Unconventional Wedding Photos: Top Photoshoot Ideas

Unconventional Wedding Photos: Top Photoshoot Ideas

Your photographs of the big day will serve as a reminder of the moment you began your new chapter of life. Therefore, it goes without saying that they need to be exceptional, so when you look at them, they will take you back in time. However, would you be satisfied with the traditional pictures you’ve seen countless times? Probably not! So, why not consider going for unconventional wedding photos that will add uniqueness to your day and serve as extraordinary memories you will always cherish?

The “wow” effect does not come without thinking out of the box. That said, if you are up to something more creative, I have a list of tips and ideas that can make your photos gorgeous. Here is what you have to know if you decide to spice things up during your photoshoot.

  • Trust your photographer 

If you want to achieve magnificent unconventional wedding photos, you first need to trust the professional you pick for the job. Namely, your photographs are the most cherished things that keep your special moments even after they are finished. So, the choice of the photographer does not come lightly. However, once you decide, you need to have faith that that person will give you what you desire. 

It is especially important when you aim for unique wedding photo ideas. Your photographer is an experienced professional with creative skills. If you have open communication and you talk about your expectations clearly, you need to trust that this person will get you to your goal. Be open to their suggestions, and do not be scared to experiment. This is the only way to achieve real results! 

  • Weird options can bring you magnificent photographs 

Many times, photographers get really into the zone, so they might suggest you some really weird ideas. They might include capturing moments in specific surroundings or taking pictures from unusual angles. Believe me, photographers have seen and done a lot of things to achieve spectacular photos. So, when they suggest something, it is not in vain!

It is okay to say no, but first explore the option they give you. What can sound strange to you is the thing that will give you the most precious memories. Plus, experimenting is fun! You will enjoy the photoshoot more if you stay open-minded. 

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  • Seize the beauty of the effects on the lens 

If you want unconventional wedding photos, you must let go of the traditional clean and crisp ones. Besides the surrounding, attire, or other details, effects also play a major role in getting unique pictures. When my clients ask for creative ideas, I tend to explore the effects on the lens depending on the conditions under which I take the photographs. It is an authentic way to reach exceptional results that will leave you breathless. 

Therefore, I always recommend that couples embrace the difference rather than run away from it. The diverse use of effects will make your photos stand out, and it is what you expect in the first place. At first, the photographs might seem strange since they do not contain the traditional appeal. But, if you give them a good look, you will see that you have reached the ultimate unique results. 

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  • Establish a color story 

The decor you use for your wedding sets the tone of the celebration. Nonetheless, the colors you pick can also be the hues of your unconventional wedding photos. That is, you can establish a color story that will be seen throughout your pictures. And you have a whole spectrum of options when it comes to them. 

For instance, if you are throwing an elegant union, you can pick a bright and airy color story. In other words, you should opt for photos where the dominant hues are white tones. On the other hand, if you are having a summer wedding, then you can opt for warm tones that will be seen in all your photographs. A color story is a good way to link your photos one to another and make an actual bridal narrative of your pictures. 

  • Embrace the moment 

Sometimes, the best unique wedding photo ideas come spontaneously. Do not get discouraged if something does not go as planned during your shooting. Instead, use the authentic moments given to you when you are posing in front of the camera. Plans do not always go as you imagine, but that does not mean that you do not get to have spectacular photographs. In fact, unplanned moments give out the best results! 

If your ceremony is running late and you cannot get to have your photo session during golden hour, do not despair. You can still achieve amazing effects even after the sun is gone. Another example is rain during your shooting. It is a fact that no one wants to have their hair and makeup ruined, but photos in rainy weather can be stunning as well.  

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  • Get out of the ordinary

When I talk about getting out of the ordinary, I refer to unique wedding photo ideas that no one expects. More precisely, every one supposes that you will have regular first-look photographs as well as bridal portraits with the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Nothing is wrong with these kinds of pictures, but they are already seen, meaning nothing is special about them. If you aim for authenticity and originality, then you need to opt for a twist. 

For instance, the groom is expected to pose with his groomsmen. However, you can make it interesting by having the bride pose with them. Another idea is to take first-look photographs with bridesmaids instead the regular ones with the bride and groom. You can also opt for both ways, but having a few of those “unexpected” will surely add uniqueness to your photos! 

When you aim to create unconventional wedding photos, do not be afraid to think outside the box. Everything that seems strange can look astonishingly well in pictures. It is a way of creating art and letting go of all traditional forms. Trust your photographer and enjoy the process. You will be amazed!

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July 27, 2023

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