Tips for a Dreamy Destination Elopement

Choosing a destination elopement doesn’t always equal less work than a traditional white wedding. There are a lot of factors to keep in mind just the same. Here are some of the top tips I learned from Brittany and Landon. 

The bride and groom decided to ditch the wedding planning in their hometown and made the decision to elope in Oahu, Hawaii. I mean, who could blame them? Eloping in a literal paradise sounds amazing, right? Plus, there is less stress of planning for a giant wedding. This way, you and the love of your life can just focus on each other for your special day. Also, in this case, the breathtaking views of the island, the sea, and the sand are keeping you company. There’s nothing like it, and that’s why I love destination elopements so much.

1. Set the Date

Setting the right date for your destination elopement is going to be essential. Remember that you are competing with people on vacation for hotels, travel bookings, and more. If you are conscious of price, it’s best to research when your destination experiences its off-season. Planning your trip on the cusp of the tourist season means you’ll pay lower prices, yet experience the same great weather/attractions. 

Brit and Landon chose to marry on October 29, 2021, on the beach at Kualoa Regional Park on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii. It was a special day for me too because it was my golden birthday. So,  I couldn’t be more excited to have been in Hawaii documenting their elopement.

2. Just Breathe

When it comes to any wedding, you’re likely to encounter a hitch. It’s important to remember that while your elopement may have fewer little details that could go wrong, you may still have a hiccup in your plans. 

The three of us scurried to the elopement location, but the officiant still hadn’t arrived. The sun was close to setting and our hearts began to beat for fear that we would miss the perfect moment for their ceremony against a stunning backdrop of pink sky. 

When he did arrive, we began racing to get to the location as quickly as possible. We wanted to pick out the perfect place. Then we realized we just had to decide on a spot. The whole park was beautiful and we couldn’t go wrong anywhere. 

3. Focus on Eachother

It’s easy to plan an elopement in a beautiful destination and lose sight of why you’re there. 

I could see a bit of that overwhelmed look in both Brit & Landon’s faces. This originally wasn’t their plan for a location, but it was there’s in that moment.

Then, as soon as the officiant started their ceremony, I could see the look in Brit’s eyes change into an expression that said, “This is it. This is my moment. I’m marrying this man and that’s all that matters right now.” Their love for each other was clearly visible in their body language. Then, the chaos caused beforehand faded away. This was so beautiful to witness beside the ocean, mountains, famous landmark Chinaman’s hat, palm trees, and sand. It was the most gorgeous view anyone could ask for. All surrounded them both as they exchanged their vows, rings, and a kiss to seal the deal. Before we knew it, they were officially married!

4. Capture the Moment

Some see elopement as a no-fluff alternative to a typical wedding ceremony and reception — and it is. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t capture this important moment in your lives. As you grow into your marriage and potentially start a family, you’ll want the memories of your special day to look back on. So, as we finished the evening, I captured some photos of Brit & Landon together, celebrating their marriage as the sun completely set. 

Planning a destination elopement?

I hope to capture more destination elopements, and would absolutely love to return to Hawaii. I have the experience and knowledge behind me now. So, I have some helpful tips when it comes to planning an elopement in Hawaii, or anywhere for that matter. Reach out to me here, and we can get planning!

Now that you know the story, check these photos out and I’d love it if you come and say hello over on Instagram! @JustJessPhotography and let me know what you think!

Brittany & Landon’s Leis made by LuLu’s Lei’s and Bouquets

November 28, 2021

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