Benefits of eloping vs. a traditional wedding

The benefits of eloping vs. a traditional wedding

You’re engaged! Congratulations! Now comes the most important part when you start planning for the iconic day. However, you may be trying to decide if you should either elope or have a traditional wedding. I’m here to let you know the benefits of having an elopement on this post. Not every couple dreams of having a big wedding, as they often tend to be expensive – and let’s face it, there’s sometimes fair share of drama involved, just adding to the anxiety. In addition, the planning process involved in traditional celebrations can often be long and stressful, especially when you do it without professional help. Therefore, for some, privacy, creativity, and freedom matter the most. 

If this sounds similar to what you’ve imagined all along, you may want to skip the lengthy conventional ways and choose to elope instead. But how will your story unfold? Keep reading to discover the most significant benefits of eloping, and let me show you why this will be your best decision ever!

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Benefits of Eloping

Traditionally, eloping was considered getting married secretly, a kind of “let’s run away and get married” vibe. Still, now, it’s simply a way to have an intimate affair between two soulmates. Usually, elopements include the couple, an officiant, a photographer there to capture the vows and ceremony, and sometimes, witnesses. In cases where there is no witness, the photographer can be one!
These magical ceremonies can be as simple or as adventurous as you want them to be. Many couples choose to elope to their dream destination or another place that’s super special to them and has activities around that they like to do. If you’re considering opting for an elopement, here are the benefits you’ll enjoy:

Highly affordable

One of the obvious and amazing benefits of eloping is affordability. These ceremonies are more reasonably priced as compared to traditional affairs. Typically, the average wedding cost is anywhere from $30,000-100,000 depending on your taste and the amount of florals you may want. While an elopement can range anywhere between $5000 to $20,000 depending where you’d like to go in the World. This is mainly because elopements consist of fewer people, but this doesn’t mean you’ll get less from the celebration. On the contrary, these events are extremely personal and provide beautiful experiences! Due to the fact that it’s an intimate celebration, you can typically invest in what’s most important to you such as high quality photography, videography, a nice meal at a fancy restaurant & other exciting excursions you might want to enjoy.

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Plan your ceremony the way you want

Weddings are all about entertainment and usually involve a lot of traditions, including the bouquet toss, cake cutting, toasts, speeches, parent’s dance, and whatnot. Apart from customs, you’ll also spend plenty of time searching for the perfect outfits, invitations, venues, vendors, etc. But is this what you want? Do you wish to have all those customs and have your day squeezed into a well-planned (and super tight) schedule?

If all this just doesn’t do with you or your partner, it’s a sign that you should consider the alternative! An elopement will let you have the ceremony in the location of your dreams without the need to do much planning. It focuses on you and your partner, and you can include only the elements YOU want. Unlike conventional events, you won’t have to worry about the long list of guests, where they’ll stay, or how they’ll get to the place. You’ll just have to focus on your priorities and we can plan the day as you want!

An intimate affair

As I’ve already mentioned (several times), one of the biggest benefits of eloping is that you’ll get an intimate experience. Traditional celebrations often feel like a big show where you’re always directed to sit, walk, hold hands, smile, etc. It goes without saying that this often puts a lot of pressure on the couple!

If you’re all about skipping this, consider opting for an elopement. It will relieve you from doing what is expected, trying to please 100 or more guests by interacting table to table while your dinner is happening. Instead, you’ll only focus on what’s important to you: sharing the love and excitement with your partner and finally saying your “I do’s”!

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Less drama

With big weddings, there’s an unwritten rule that you need to consider many people’s opinions. This is because, usually, both families take part in the planning process. And when things don’t go their way – it sometimes results in unnecessary drama and conflict, I believe you can already imagine the outcome in this scenario. So, if you have large families with complicated dynamics, an elopement can be a great option to relieve the stress of trying to please everyone. It is your day, afterall.

Less anxiety

Wedding planning often causes lots of anxiety. Because of this, many couples can’t wait for them to be finally over so they can rest and relax. And I assure you, that’s not something you want to experience as you’re planning what’s supposed to be the best day of your life. 

So, if you feel like the planning process is causing too much stress and anxiety, feel free to skip it! Just choose an intimate setting at your favorite place and tie the knot! I love planning my couples elopement days as well. I take time to get to know you both and your relationship to suggest ideal locations, activities, and an itinerary for your day. I definitely take on the role of partial planner for your elopement, but I honestly just love doing it!

Spend maximum time together

Elopements don’t focus on the guest experience. They’re simply not about the cocktail hours, rehearsal dinners, and making your way to greet everyone during the reception. They’re meant to be all about you and your partner, allowing you to spend time cherishing one another!

Imagine waking up next to your partner, having a sunrise breakfast together, getting dressed together — never being apart during the one day you are committing the rest of lives to one another. A lot of couples regret not seeing their partner until they walk down the aisle and wished they had seen them more on their wedding day. With eloping, you can be with each other experiencing a breath taking place all day together.

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The more people get involved in the celebrations, the more limited the venue possibilities are. If a traditional celebration limits you from feeling overwhelmed, consider eloping. Going for this option means that you don’t even need a venue! These events can easily be organized in open spaces and let you easily connect with nature. 

Nature gives us some of the best backdrops – mountains, desserts, waterfalls, ocean views, the Eiffel tower… maybe even on an hot air balloon.. it’s up to you.

Take your time

One of the best benefits of eloping is that it’s not rushed. Many couples take time planning their elopement, ensuring everything is perfect to their taste and style- just as they wanted it to be! It’s a wonderful way to start your life together without the added stress and rushed organization.

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With this, I conclude the benefits of eloping compared to planning a traditional wedding. Ultimately, deciding when and where to elope is all up to you and your partner. But if you want to skip all the stress and extensive planning and decide to enjoy the intimacy of eloping, I strongly encourage you to do so! And if you need help with this, worry not; I’m here to answer all your questions! 

I would love to help you customize your beautiful day with unique elopement ideas that are tailored to your relationship and suite you! Reach out using the contact form to get started! I can’t wait to be a part of the most special day of your lives!

May 2, 2023

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