Why you should elope on the Oregon Coast

A couple eloping on the Oregon Coast on Cannon Beach

Why you should elope on the Oregon coast

Are you planning a dreamy Oregon elopement? Want to see some more inspiration or know how it will work? Well, there are so many reasons to elope in this beautiful area! The coast features iconic rock formations, rugged seaside cliffs, cute little towns, and sandy beaches. It’s no wonder why it is popular amongst couples! And as an elopement photographer, I totally recommend that you consider this as the ultimate location for tying the knot! 

Apart from its natural beauty, there are other popular reasons why you should consider eloping in Oregon. Have a look at the list I created below to discover them all!

  • Unbeatable Views

The variety of scenery on the Oregon coast is hard to beat. This comes as no surprise since it has 362 miles of endless beauty and stunning landscapes! Here you’ll find majestic mountains, magical forests, ocean, desert, and waterfalls. Trust me, you will really like the unique spots and beautiful trails; best of all, the places are relatively easy to reach. That means if you don’t enjoy long hikes or wish to bring your loved ones on your Oregon elopement, then you don’t have to worry about sacrificing the breathtaking views. Some amazing spots are less than a 5-10 minute walk.

  • Complete Coastal Access

With more than 300 miles of beauty on display with public access, you can easily go to every nook and corner of the coast for free! Plus, the coastal range offers a diversity of ecosystems and landscapes. If you’re looking for soft sand or caves, know that you’re covered. From the forest and rocky mountains to cute beaches and towns – it’s all here on the West Coast!

A couple running on the coast of Oregon for their Oregon coast elopement
A cannon beach elopement in Oregon

  • Weather

Another amazing thing about Oregon is its weather. Sure, there can be plenty of rain throughout the state, but summers are usually clear and sunny. Depending on what kind of weather you are picturing for your Oregon elopement, you can have an enjoyable day from April to November. During winters, there is a higher probability of rain, but don’t get discouraged as it adds so much to the day to embrace it. The romantic photos look amazing, and couples often get creative and opt for rad umbrellas to add an extra element of fun, love, and romance. 

  • Waterful magic

The big Pacific Ocean is just hanging out as far as your eyes can see – if water is your calling, this is the place to be! There are so many waterfalls, streams, rivers, creeks, and waterways. Be ready to get wet and prepare for some badass adventurous photos with water working its magic in the background.

  • Wildlife

In Oregon, you can easily watch whale migrations twice a year. From the mid of December to mid of January and again from late February to May, thousands of whales migrate offshore. And these are not the only native animals to check out. The coast has harbor seals, river otters, sea lions, and more. If you are into tide-loving creatures such as starfish, and anemones, you can spot them all on the beaches.

Oregon forest elopement, Oregon couple session in the forest
  • People

People in Oregon live pretty interesting lives. You will find all sorts of unique places and lots of small, local shops to enjoy. You can quickly visit the Saturday market and experience how people live here. Overall, you’ll love the place’s vibes and the locals’ warmth.

  • Food

    The food is yet another reason to visit this state and indulge your senses in culinary delights! There are several hidden spots to explore as you walk around the city. One common thing you will always find is a food truck around the corner. You can even consider hiring a food truck or getting a private chef for your Oregon elopement – wouldn’t that be amazing? Also, there are many local wineries and craft beers throughout the city, so you should definitely try some of them.
  • Endless Possibilities

Regardless of what kind of experience you want, there are plenty of magical spots to explore. You can easily rent an Airbnb stay, book an iconic hotel, or go glamping in the forest. 

One such popular experience amongst couples is having a Cannon Beach elopement. To be honest, I cannot get enough of this location! As an elopement photographer, I have documented many elopements, and Cannon Beach is at the top of my list. It’s the ultimate place to elope in Oregon, with moss-covered trees, gorgeous cliffs, stunning beaches, and good weather. So, no matter whether you plan on getting hitched alone or with your closest family and friends over, eloping on Cannon Beach will be a perfect choice! 

Elope in Oregon, couple eloping in Oregon forest
Couple eloping in a forest in Oregon

Best Time To Elope on The Oregon Coast

Honestly, most people prefer summers on the coast, but there are other compelling reasons to consider the other seasons:

  • Spring- (April- July)

Spring is the time when you should expect lots of rain, so plan accordingly. The best part is you get access to the isolated beaches. One pro tip for having a spring elopement is to catch the epic sunset!

  • Summer- (July-September)

This is when the temperatures are highest, and there is almost no likelihood of rain. At the same time, the coast remains highly crowded, making it hard to find a secluded spot to exchange your vows.

  • Fall-(September- November)

This is the second-best season to elope as the weather gets a little crisper – and you don’t see as much rain. There are cheaper accommodations, fewer crowds, and a colorful autumn landscape – ideal for your elopement photos!

  • Winter- (November- April)

If the off-season is your vibe, winters have a lot to offer. The first and foremost is whale watching. The beaches and other attractions are the least crowded during this time, and you can get the best rates. Also, you can grab some of the most beautiful and moody fog vibes if you’re all about incorporating the mystical element in your photos.

couple running with lanterns on the Oregon coast for their elopement at cannon beach

Tips for a Memorable Oregon Elopement

  • Make sure to check tides on the elopement day along with the timings of the sunset and sunrise.
  • Consider eloping during the weekdays, from Monday to Thursday. It will give you a more intimate and crowd-free experience.
  • Team up with an experienced photographer and videographer. He should have an extensive understanding of the location to help you with elopement planning.

If you’ve never been to Oregon, I highly recommend that you consider having an Oregon elopement. All my clients have said they would never have thought of a better place to swear their eternal love!

Need assistance or want to learn more about the Oregon/West Coast elopement? Then get in touch! I want to help you with Oregon elopement planning and make it the most memorable venture of your lives.

May 10, 2023

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